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Nascidos para Resistir

Alegre Corrêa Group

Alegre Corrêa – guitar and vocals,  Michael Pipoquinha – electric bass,  Eduardo Farias – piano and arrangements,  Sergio Machado – drums  

Gabriel Grossi – harmonica,  Joao Paulo Ramos Barbosa  – sax and flute,  Gabriel Vieira – violin

Nascidos para Resistir is the name of the 15th album by Alegre Corrêa and the first recorded in Brazil. The selection of songs was based on a reflection on the paths taken by so many Brazilian musicians and on his own, all opened up with a lot of work and great recognition abroad, more than in their country of origin. The lyrics of the song that gives the album its title, by Paulinho Pedra Azul, speak of this resistance, of survival, of being born and reborn in music and in love. Alegre's mission is to continue making music. It is to continue taking Brazilian music to the world, which already recognizes it as one of the richest popular songs on the planet.

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