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Cancellation, Exchange, Return and Refund Policies.



The amounts destined to the subscription of the content will be made through credit card, bank slip, Paypal or Pix, and any questions, such as double payment, must be dealt with directly with the credit card operators, Paypal or Pix. When subscribing to a plan, the user will automatically be entitled to access the content available on the site for a period of 1 (one) year. The paid subscription will automatically renew at the end of the applicable subscription period, unless you cancel your Paid Subscription before the end of the current subscription period. Please contact the customer at here for instructions on how to cancel. Cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period. We do not provide refunds or credits for partial subscription periods.

The User is fully aware and agrees that all amounts destined will be collected exclusively through the payment methods available on the Site, managed by the chosen payment application and later transferred to the account held by Alegre Corrêa MEI.

Unless otherwise stated, all fees are quoted in Reais (R$).

Considering that banking services, credit cards and financial intermediaries are independent from Alegre Corrêa MEI, they are solely responsible for processed payments and are responsible for failures in the use of their means of payment.


Alegre Corrêa MEI has no liability to you, nor any obligation to provide reimbursement to you, due to interruptions or failures in the Internet service or other services caused by actions of government authorities, other third parties or events beyond our control.

You are responsible for all costs incurred in connection with your Subscription. In the event that your Payment Method does not cover the Subscription Price, your Subscription Provider may suspend your access to the Platform until you update the Payment Method and pay the Subscription Price. Alegre Corrêa MEI may retry or allow the Payment Service to retry charging your Payment Method after unsuccessful attempts (for example, if your Payment Method is rejected).


To cancel the subscription, the User must click on "log in" at the top of the site (right side) and access with his password and login. After Lofo, click on "Subscription", and in the Subscription section of the user panel, click on "Cancel Subscription". Cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period. We do not provide refunds or credits for partial subscription periods.

For credit card subscriptions, the card administrator will be notified and the chargeback will occur on the next or subsequent invoice, all at once, regardless of the number of installments used in the purchase. The reimbursement period and, also, the collection of the remaining installments after the full reversal of the Product value on the Customer's credit card carried out by Alegre Correa ME, is the responsibility of the card administrator. In the event of collection of future installments by the card administrator, the Customer will not be encumbered, since Alegre Correa ME, as mentioned above, carries out the reversal of the full value of the Product in a single installment, with the credit referring to the reversal being granted in full by the card administrator on the billing invoice subsequent to the month of cancellation.

In subscriptions paid with bank slip or debit, the refund will be made by bank deposit, within 10 (ten) business days, only in the buyer's current account, which must be individual. It is necessary that the CPF of the current account holder.

In subscriptions paid with Paypal, access and log in to the Paypal platform, in the top menu, click on the gear icon, click on the Payments tab, then click on the Manage recurring payments button. In the Recurring payments sidebar, click on the name of the company you are with the recurring payment for and cancel.

As it is a digital content access service, there will be no refund, exchange or return to the User of the contracted amounts due to the Subscription's regret.

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