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Thank you for coming to this community to hear “Nascidos para Resistir”.  This theme was composed by Alegre Corrêa and written by Paulinho Pedra Azul.  It is part of Alegre's new album and is dedicated to the struggle and resistance of artists.

Singers of this version:

Dudu Filleti, Eduardo Stormowski, Anis de Flor, Ana Claudia Decker, Gaia Gentile, Anaadi, Gelson Oliveira, Tatiana Cobett, Lili Araújo, Marcoliva, Izabel Padovani, Djamen Farias, Denise Fontoura, Gabriel Vieira, Alegre Corrêa.

Eduardo Farias, piano and arrangement. Michael Pipoquinha, bass, Alegre Corrêa, guitar.

Gabriel Grossi, harmonica. João Paulo Ramos Barbosa JP, sax. Eduardo Neves, flutes.  Sergio Machado, drums. Gabriel Vieira, violins. Alexandre da Maria, percussion.

Contrary to the massive dissemination of music on different platforms, Alegre Corrêa launches a community  so that people can access his music production and be part of a group that cares about the continuity of the work he brings to the world.

By subscribing to this platform, you will have access to a large part of the work performed by Alegre in his more than 45 years of career: songs from almost all the albums released,  songbooks and sheet music, video lessons and lots of new content.

The idea is to develop a more personal connection between the artist and his loyal audience. With those who really enjoy their work and want to participate not only as a consumer but also as a contributor to their career.  

Everyone will have access to everything shared on the site, regardless of subscription type. Choose the plan according to your possibilities and join this community.

Born to Resist

(Alegre Corrêa/Paulinho Pedra Azul)

  Arranger: Eduardo Farias


I can't shut up

While the samba beats in my heart

As I vent on my guitar

I have so much to say.

I break a stump

And I make another sound

With the palm of your hand.

whoever shuts up is silly

And falls to the floor.

I have a lot to walk.

I fight to survive

born to resist

I want the future

I do samba, I do jazz

The good thing is that I didn't give up

I don't even want to talk about pain anymore.

Who knows, one day, here

Power be love.

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